Reimagining School Meals
Your Healthier, Hassle-Free Solution Awaits!

Simplify meal management with a solution
that prioritizes nutrition, satisfies students, and assures parents.

A Better Solution

Most vendors struggle to offer variety and innovation, lacking the experience and resources to meet school standards and satisfy families’ expectations. There is a better solution with LunchIsServed – backed by 20 years of experience from the founders of Choicelunch. We’re on a mission to raise the bar for California school meal programs, making lunch the highlight of every student’s day!

Proven Sucess

  1. Meeting School Standards: Prioritize nutrition with every bite with strict adherence to school nutrition standards and regulations.
  2. Higher Expectations: Curated to reassure families and transform school meals into a highlight of the day for happy, healthy students.
  3. Expertise and Experience: Benefit from 20 years of industry experience and knowledge from Choicelunch founders.

Advantages of LunchIsServed


LunchIsServed prioritizes nutrition, providing schools with wholesome meal options that meet dietary guidelines and promote student health and well-being.


By partnering with LunchIsServed, schools can simplify their meal service operations with easy online ordering, dedicated account management, and reliable delivery.


With eco-friendly packaging and sourcing practices, LunchIsServed supports schools in their sustainability efforts, aligning with environmental values and reducing waste.


Partnering with LunchIsServed can enhance a school’s reputation within the community by demonstrating a commitment to providing high-quality, nutritious meals that support student success.

Raising the Bar


  1. Nutritionally compliant, healthy, serve-ready meals meeting state standards.
  2. Registered dietitian-approved menus for additional confidence.
  3. No artificial additives or processed foods.
  4. Monthly menu preview visibility for planning.
  5. Access nutrition info for every menu item.


  1. Safe, certified food preparation kitchens.
  2. Convenient meal transport and equipment provided.
  3. Truck generators to ensure safe-temperature delivery.
  4. Punctual meal delivery with real-time truck tracking for reliable service.
  5. Guaranteed meal quality and safety standards.


  1. Dedicated Account Manager for personalized support.
  2. Transparent invoicing with detailed, clear monthly billing practices.
  3. Comprehensive record-keeping and tracking of nutritional data.
  4. Earth-friendly packaging promotes sustainability.
  5. Responsive customer service team for additional support.

Passion Meets Experience - Our Founding Story

In 1972, our culinary journey began as a humble family endeavor in Danville, CA, where we started by crafting meals for fellow neighbors.  Over time, our dedication and expertise propelled us to expand, operating multiple kitchens across the state and partnering with nearly 300 schools, preparing over 15,000 meals daily.

Our commitment remains steadfast—to deliver wholesome, flavorful meals with unmatched convenience, ensuring stress-free experiences for schools statewide. Thus, in response to the demand for elevated meal solutions in California’s educational landscape, we proudly reintroduce LunchIsServed—now more accessible, convenient, and exceptional than ever!

How Can I Offer LunchIsServed at My School?

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